“In The Future, Will The United States Of America Break Up Into Many Regions? - A Public Inquiry”

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“In The Future, Will The United States Of America Break Up Into Many Regions? - A Public Inquiry”

     With Interview With Spirit Warrior

     Attorney General of the Alliance of  Indigenous Nations AIN


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2nd Edition

On October 3, 2023, former General Michael Flynn warned in a post on X [formerly Twitter] that "2024 may be the last election Americans have as a Republic."

Former General Flynn writes on X: “Every Republican Governor running for POTUS (or not) and all others have to put their egos aside and swallow their pride and get behind @realDonaldTrump immediately. Otherwise, we risk 2024 being the last election to maintain our republic. Never in US history have we seen such a domestic assault on the fabric of our democracy, with external support from outside dark forces (not a conspiracy theory). The globalists are coming for our faith, our families, our treasure, our lives.”

Author and Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre in “In The Future, Will The United States Of America Break Up Into Many Regions? A Public Inquiry” (2nd Edition), publicly shares the proof, documentation, and implications, of an apparent leak of classified Top Secret DARPA-CIA Project Pegasus quantum access time travel pre-identification information that “in the future, the United States of America would break up into many regions”. This leak was given to Alfred in January 1977 by Director Willis Harman when Alfred first joined the Center for the Study of Social Policy, the then Futurist unit at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California. At the time, SRI’s Futurist unit had a contract with the Central Intelligence Agency to study “Alternative 50-year Futures of the United States of America”.

In the 2nd Edition of his new book, Tribunal Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre of the www.Peaceinspace.org Tribunal of Conscience shares the November 15, 2020 Tribunal Indictment of Co-Defendant Donald John Trump, and shows how Donald John Trump appropriated “maga [MAGA]” (the highest degree, the Fifth Degree) in the Temple of Satan

Hierarchy - https://www.churchofsatan.com/hierarchy/ - as the maga [MAGA] Motto

for his 2016 (and 2020 and 2024) US Presidential Campaigns, and disguised maga [MAGA]  highest Fifth Degree Priesthood Status in the Temple of Satan as Donald John Trump’s 2016 -2020-2024 US Presidential Campaign Slogan “MAGA: Make America Great Again” – A Diabolical Diversion by Trump and in reality a collective Satanic Black Magic maga [MAGA] AntiChrist Temple of Satan Curse on America and on the World, as Donald John Trump was secretly briefed in 1971 as a future US President by the Top Secret DARPA/CIA Time Travel Presidential Pre-identification Program. See documentation, proof and evidence in THE CHRONOGARCHY and TRACKING THE ANTICHRISTS books by author and Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre at Amazon and http://www.Universebooks.com

 According to Spirit Warrior, Attorney General of the Alliance of Indigenous Nations AIN, in an exclusive Interview in this new book:

                               1:04:17 SPIRIT WARRIOR

                               They are a people of peace, right? We are a nation of peace. And we have the wealth now. We're worth $700 trillion.

                               1:04:32 SPIRIT WARRIOR

            Putin has $70 trillion, and is trying to run the BRICS nations around the world where they steal all they can steal, to put in their booty, right? But he's only got $70 trillion. Canada has $700 trillion to feed the Americans and to stave off this breaking up of the continent into the nine regions. Yes, but you've got to have The Woman of The Tree image from Fatima, which takes you back to King Solomon, and way back to the four gods of Iraq, ancient Iraq in Sumer.


Table of Contents


                                                                                                                                                                                                 PART I                                                                                                             


Constitutional America will be broken up by the

Interactive Force of:



maga [MAGA] ANTICHRIST                                                                              

September 11, 2023

Gen. Paul Vallely & co-author

Michael Aquino                                                                                                        


maga [MAGA] ANTICHRIST                                                                                 

& 2024 US Presidency

“Tracking the AntiChrists”

Donald John Trump:

“A Public Inquiry”


PART II                                                                                                               

GEOPHYSICAL HYPOTHESIS                                                                                                                                                                   

Time Science Shows Our Earth

is on a Positive Timeline

in our Time Space Hologram

1971: One-Time DARPA-CIA

Chronovisor Probe

to January 2013                                                                                                      


Nine Nations of

North America [1981]                                                                                             


PART III                                                                                                                 




PROBABLE OUTCOMES:                                                                                                          


Constitutional USA

Breaks up into  Multiple Regions  



Constitutional USA Intact

from foreseeable Geophysical Forces                                                                                         


POSITIVE FUTURE:                                                                                                    

Can the Constitutional USA

Be preserved Intact?

Why & How?    


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“In The Future, Will The United States Of America Break Up Into Many Regions? - A Public Inquiry”

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